Monday, October 24, 2016



One of my hobbies is quilting. Through the years, I have subscribed to many quilting magazines. Recently I went old copies, trying to decide which ones to keep and which ones to pass along.

I found it interesting that each magazine had their own voice. I could pick up a copy of a certain magazine and know exactly what their patterns would look like. Some feature modern quilts. Others have a certain style with lots of borders. And then there are the ones that feature applique or paper piecing. It made me realize we all have a voice. A style if you rather call it.

The same goes with writing. Every author has their own distinct voice. Whether it is historical fiction or contemporary, each writer brings their own voice to the page. Looking back in literature you see Charles Dickens books were heavy themes. Jane Austen's were about romance from her time period. Agatha Christie and Alexander Dumas are thick with mystery. Surely they were influenced by their own history.

In writing, voice is as natural as your speaking voice. It's unique to your style. But voice and style are different from each other. To break it down, voice is your personality. Voice is the expression you put on the page. Each of us is unique in life experience. Distinct. It's our personal style. Style is how you translate it in the words the writer uses. But in the end it's the marriage of the two that makes your writing distinctive.

Did you know that it's usually the writer's voice that keeps the reader reading? Jeff Goins is a writer and teacher. He makes a point concerning reading habits. He suggests you write down five books, articles or blogs that you enjoy reading. Examine them and see how they are alike. How are they different? I enjoy contemporary romance, so I read Denise Hunter, Eva Marie Everson, Rachel Hauck, Dani Pettrey and Kristen Heitzmann. Historical authors line up with Sarah Ladd, Sarah Sundin, Elizabeth Camden, Tamera Alexander and Jody Hedlund.

Do you find that your reading habits run along similar voice?


  1. This is why I tend to read whole series of books, not just one from the author. If I like the first (or middle, etc) then I go back and start at the beginning. They all seem familiar, with the writing, but, new with the content. Like going home again.

  2. voice is a source of inspiration it paints you