Thursday, September 22, 2016

Writing with God

What does writing with God look like?

 All of my adult life, I have enjoyed writing. I wrote poetry as a young adult, small essays as time would allow, and in the last several years, two novels.

The novels appeared from a time when I was experiencing a deep hurt. It was a release, a way to take my mind off of the problems that seemed insurmountable. And the words just came. The characters danced in my head until I had to write, or they would continue to taunt me.

I felt like God was giving me an outlet. The next words, paragraphs, chapters, just kept coming. I asked a few people to read my manuscript and they were complementary.

But then again they were my friends.

Feeling confidant, I went out on a limb and submitted the first ten pages to a writers contest.

And then I waited. Surely they were good enough.And I kept writing. New stories were filling my head.

When the scores came back, my bubble deflated. To the point I put my little manuscripts and all my notes away. Was I following the wrong path?

I started studying the craft of writing. Finding out it was more complex than I ever imagined. Like anything in life, there are questions to be answered. Ways to learn how to refine what you know. Even the best authors continue to study and learn their craft.

One thing should be at the core of any faith-based writer. I have a post it note on my desk that says "Have you prayed about this?" God should be my center. Whether I am a good or bad writer, seeking Him should be my first priority.

This article by Allen Arnold "Why God Invites You to Write" defines it best.

And as Allen says, may you never write alone again.

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