Monday, September 12, 2016

Angel with Steel Wings

It seems that heroes are made of a different fabric during war time. Men are wired to step into the line of duty and die for their country. The ultimate sacrifice.

But what of the women? During the World Wars, women's roles changed significantly. The story of Mandy and Harvey trace the work women did during the second World War. "Angel with Steel Wings" brought to light what some women did to help with the war effort. These angels flew planes, as test pilots and for target training. Safe flying? Hardly. Yet these women of courage loved what they did. WASP's were the first women to fly for the Army Air Corp.

With a shortage of pilots at the beginning of the war, jobs for women included Ferrying Command or Training Command. Ferrying aircraft from factories to air bases and points of embarkation.  In the Training Command, women's missions ranged from towing aerial targets for the infantry, flying tracking missions, simulated bombing, and testing radio-controlled aircraft. The women performed all stateside flying duties.

"Angel with Steel Wings" is a fictional account, relating the world women faced when they volunteered to be flygirls. With the threat of the WASP program being shut down, spunky Mandy McCabe takes up the challenge to change Major Harvey Applegate's mind. Yet a sweet romance develops between them.  Anne Greene's well written book, plunges us into the heart of her characters. One can only imagine the fear of getting too close to someone who might be shot down or crash in repaired planes.

"Angel with Steel Wings" is a delightful historical fiction. One that expanded my knowledge of how women were treated during one of the most trying times of our country. Great read for history buffs.

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  1. Looks like a good book. I've always liked WWII 'people' stories (people vs battle stats).