Friday, April 14, 2017

It must be love


My hubby and I attended a wedding last night. It was not the prettiest or the nicest wedding we have ever attended. It was an outdoor wedding, the reception to be held in the barn. The smell of manure was a bit overwhelming. And the sun, setting in the west, flickered between the moss covered trees, blinding most of us sitting on the left. The bugs couldn't decide if this was their party or their feast. The poor photographer danced about, trying to capture shots as the sun played hide and seek with him.

The young bride, a gifted musician, planned the music. Which turned out to be too long, the sound mostly lost between swaying trees and airplanes flying overhead. We sat three rows from the back, and could not see anything but the two bridesmaids on the left, and the two groomsmen on the right. Missing all of the beauty of this sacred moment. The father of the bride married the couple. After attending the wedding of two of her sisters, we knew what to expect. The microphone warbled in and out, the jokes were not very funny, although people laughed to be polite. And truthfully, why did he have to bring up things about the girl that were not really relevant?

I'm sad to see so many young people throw off the traditions of the wedding ceremony. Maybe it's because we live in an entertainment driven society. Personally, I like saving the first sight the groom has of his bride to when she walks down the aisle. I like traditional wedding vows. I enjoy hearing the triumphant sound of the wedding march. I mostly like to be able to hear and see the ceremony, given that I usually shed an emotional tear or two. This time it felt like the sound was off, and the party was happening just out of view.

 But in the end, the two giggling kids are married and on their way to building their new lives together. I can attest that the years will fly by quicker than you can ever imagine.

I've turned off comments as this was a personal rant which is not meant for controversy.